Sunroof Replacement Glass Company Boise, ID.

Whether it’s a folding, sliding, or a pop-up, sunroof, or a even a stationary moon roof, finding a glass shop to replace it can be a headache. Summit auto glass specializes in sunroof replacement. We only install OE (Original Equitment) sunroof glass.
 If the sunroof is installed and not properly aligned, it can cause mechanical failure of the sunroof, and even cause the glass to break again.

You can rest assure Summit Auto Glass, will perform a thorough clean-up and removal of, your old sunroof and ensure a proper alignment is always performed. Its also crucial that a sunroof has proper drainage. If a drain tube is clogged with debris, the water will backup and overflow into the cabin, causing water damage that can turn into mold.

Our mobile vans are always ready to go, allowing us to replace your sunroof at home, at work, or even at the park.

We also offer in shop appointments at our shop in Eagle.

We are accepted by all insurance companies, and are one of the only glass companies in Idaho to replace sunroof glass.

Give our office a call to schedule an appointment today.