Fleet Vehicles

In today’s competitive market it is important to have your fleet out in the field working and not out of service costing your company time and money. Our mobile vans are setup to do the job right and offer same day service. Whether you have vans, pickups, Peterbilts or Kenworths we will take care of the entire fleet.

With all the D.O.T and commercial enforcements put on fleets, it is important to have your vehicles up to code. D.O.T. F.M.C.C.S.A, Appendix G states; The out-of-service criteria places in a restricted service condition any vehicle that has a crack or discoloration in the windshield area lying within the sweep of the wiper on the drivers side and does not address the remaining area of the windshield. Appendix G addresses requirements for the whole windshield as specified in 393.60.

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